Saturday, November 25, 2017

Are you really voting against abortion?

Please stop saying that you voted for Trump and other conservative politicians or will vote for Roy Moore because they are against abortion. If this is your one important issue, you should have been and should be demanding your elected officials:

1.      Increase spending on education, especially girls’ education.
2.      Increase girls’ sports and afterschool activities. Share the football money a little more.
3.      Provide clear and scientific sex education in all schools (public, private, parochial and home schooling). More than “keep your pants on” abstinence. At home, you would talk to your children honestly and openly about sex, sexuality, and procreation, especially your boys.
4.      Support Planned Parenthood and other agencies that provide education and medical services. Planned Parenthood prevents more abortions per year than your politicians and sign waving.
5.      Support research into women’s health issues and give tax breaks for research that reduces unwanted pregnancies rather than little blue pills.
6.      Increase health care and insurance for all Americans because having good health care decreases unwanted pregnancies. Provide Prenatal, Postnatal training and affordable childcare.
7.      Provide support for girls and women who become pregnant, whether planned or unplanned. If you don’t want abortions, you should ease the path for the child to be born.
8.      Provide support for mothers who want to keep unplanned children.
9.      Allow for easy adoptions of children whose mothers choose to not raise them.
10.  Assist men in becoming and remaining better parents. (Education helps) Enforce child support by fathers when they won’t.
11.   Reduce the stigma of unwanted pregnancies. In your community, schools and churches, you would fight for teens and young adults who become pregnant and reduce the judgment and condemnation of these women.
12.  Respect women and girls! Treat them equally, or maybe even better, than men and boys.

However, the actions of your elected officials, mostly Republican, have been adverse to all of these important actions to reduce and end abortions. If this is your primary reason for voting, you’re not getting the results you want from these people. You’d reduce more abortions by voting for Democrats and Progressives.

So, why are you really voting for Trump, Moore and the other old, white men who have no respect for women?

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