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Table of Essays

Table of Essays

Below is a list of the essays I’ve written for this blog. Having found yourself on this blog, there might be other topics that I’ve written that would interest you.

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The Making of the Modern
Employing the “to be or not to be” speech from Hamlet, I make a case for how Shakespeare created the Modern and how it points toward the Next
To be OR Not to be: How Shakespeare Charted the Path to the Modern 09/14/12
Ay, there's the point: The Bad Quarto of Hamlet 09/15/12

Left and Right Brain
A series about how the two sides of our forebrain causing our way of thinking and has created human culture and is leading us to the Next
How Left v. Right Brain Dominance has Created our World
Brain Architecture/Function Simplified and Caveats
0: The Primitive Era
1: The End of the Classical Era and 2: The Dark and Medieval Ages
3: The Renaissance and the coming Modern
3: The Modern and 3 to 4: The Modern Era and the coming Next
3 to 4: Transitioning from the Modern to the Next and 4: The Next
Consilience 11/14/12

Theatre Then and Now
A series on how theatre changed through the Modern era and how we need to reclaim what has been lost to create a 21st Century theatre
   Modern Theatre begins with a series of Lies that the audience must embrace to be entertained
   How theatre was in the Elizabethan era as opposed to now
Realism in the Theatre: an outtake 10/02/12
   Why we got Realism and how it killed the theatre
   The most important element to reclaim
Why this Play? 01/12/13
   When doing Shakespeare you need something more than a great concept
   The forgotten moment in our past the split entertainment and art

Entertainment Violence
A series of how portrayed violence affects actual violence
Introduces the topic and discusses how previous cultures have included violence in their entertainment
Surveys when portrayed violence is beneficial
A consideration on our innate ability to respond to danger
Profiles the people who can’t manage entertainment violence and how our brains are causing this disjunction
   Wraps up the conversation with a looking at the degree of violence in our society and the role of the media

Political Writing
   An essay about David Petraeus and the tendency for good leaders to abuse their positions as told through the King David and Bathsheba Bible story
   Prior to the 2012 election, this is about how the dominant half of our brain leads us to vote
   How Democrats and Republicans had had contrasting world views as they approached the 2012    election

Shakespeare and his Plays
A collection of essays about Shakespeare’s Plays
   My speculation on the Authorship debate
As You Like It: What if Orlando Knew 11/12/12

Assorted Essays
Jump the Gun 2/10/13
   An essay about knowing the future told through the Abraham & Sarah story from the Bible.
Random Thoughts 12/04/12
   A quote from Homeland, the devil on your shoulder and religion
Lost Sight 11/12/12
   Losing my glasses and second sight

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